Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning in London

Dirty Office? Attempt our Regular Commercial Cleaning Services!


Here at Mop It Like It’s Hot we like to undertake all manner of tasks, whether it be commercial or domestic, there is no property we will not endeavour to clean. From houses, to warehouses, right up to pubs and clubs, our team of experienced cleaners are willing to tackle any cleaning task you have lined up for them.

With a wide range of cleaning services available such as window, kitchens bathrooms and stairs, we are one step ahead of the game when it comes to cleaning those forgotten parts of the property, people normally tend to leave behind when having a quick clean

Our team of experts can appreciate the time and effort it takes to maintain a property, which is why Mop It Like It’s Hot are here to do that dirty, time consuming work for you. We not only aim to please our clients, but to also build a relationship with them, a relationship that is built on trust and respect.

So before you think about taking the day off to clean your property, give Mop It Like It’s Hot a call and discover how we can reinvigorate your property and breathe some life and colour into your property.

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