Why Choose Us?

There are a plethora of reasons why you should consider hiring us as your regular cleaning agency.

Without dabbling into any cliches, we will list a few of those reasons below, and hope to convince you along that way that we are indeed your best choice when it comes to finding someone to trust to clean your property or office.

1. Trust Worthy – We appreciate that arguably the hardest decision when it comes to hiring a regular cleaning agency is finding the trust factor.  Prized possessions and memorabilia exist everywhere in our homes and offices, so to find an agency that does CRB checks on all of its employees often isn’t enough.

Our screening process here at Mop It Like Its Hot ensures that we are only selecting employees who’s dedication to their jobs can best be described as de rigeur.

2. Excellent Service – To compliment our trust worthy service, we are excellent at what we do, where efficiency and diligence work together simultaneously to deliver brilliant results without any procrastination.

Diligence is particularly important because we adhere to certain guidelines that organise the cleaning process.

3. Competitive Rates – Given the above factors, combining trust with excellence, we genuinely believe we are the best priced cleaning agency out there for what we offer.  Sure, you can find cheaper than us, but we can guarantee they won’t touch us where standards are concerned, nor offer the same level of customer care support we do.

If you are serious about hiring a regular cleaner, then give us a go and see what we can do.  We don’t want to just claim we’re better than other agencies, we want to show you.