How to Clean UPVC Window Frames

July 28, 2020

If you have a uPVC window at home, you would know that they are the most low-maintenance window that you can have at home. They are easy to clean and can withstand rain and storm, and they can easily go with any blinds that block out the sun making them a popular choice for windows.

They are easier to maintain and keep than wooden frames and it is generally much cheaper. UPVC windows can tolerate years without big maintenance or cleaning rituals but of course, it is best to keep them as shiny and good as new and you will need to clean them from time to time.

The best way to clean uPVC windows is to vacuum the window in every nook and cranny and soap them well.

If you are doing some spring cleaning, check out our tips on how to clean UPVC windows.


Before you get your windows and soap them, it is important to vacuum them first, otherwise, you will just make the dirt be more stubborn and stick to your windows. Wet and dust are annoying partners as it makes wiping a hassle. First is open your window as much as you can. Start with the hinges by loosening the dirt on those areas. Dust or scrub off the dirt in the hinges using your vacuum attachment and proceed to vacuum the dirt when the dirt is loose. Make sure to check and brush all corners of the frame and hinges.


Have a bucket of warm water on hand, some liquid soap, and a sponge or a soft cloth. Wash your UPVC windows gently and rinse. Wipe off excess water with a dry soft cloth such as kitchen roll or even an old t-shirt.

Reminder: Do not use any abrasives such as a firm brush, scouring pad, or wire wool to avoid scratching your UPVC windows.


It is important to lubricate the hinges of your windows from time to time. Get some multipurpose oil and drop some on the hinges to make sure it slides smoothly.

Bringing back the shine

If your UPVC windows are scratched or look old because their shine has gone the best way to bring back its luster is to mix a cup of vinegar with 4 cups of hot water. Spray this mix on your windows and let it stand for 10 minutes. Wipe it off with a soft cloth.

Reminder: do not use bleach, Cif or Jif type cream cleaners, varnish removers, WD40, or methylated spirits to clean or maintain your UPVC windows. These can cause irreparable damage to your UPVC windows and remove its glossy finish or even discolor your windows.

Now that your windows are sorted, why not sit back with a cup of coffee and set a robot vacuum to work on your carpets?!

Cleaning Robots: Are They Worth It?

October 18, 2017

Thanks to the leaps and bounds in modern technology, any one of us can get our hands on a robot vacuum machine. This technology has become a great alternative for general cleaning. But are they really worth the additional cost? Mop It Like Its Hot did some detective work and here are the results.

The Convenience Test

When it comes to convenience, the premise of the robot cleaner ticks all the boxes. It runs on its own with minimal input from a human being! However during testing we picked up on some issues where there is room for improvement.

For one, robot vacuum cleaners average at approximately a foot in diameter. This means that vacuuming a room takes with a vacuum cleaning robot than a normal vacuum cleaner. Moreover they require frequent charging since the size of their batteries does not permit them to be used for long periods. The robot cleaner in our test struggled to cope with large volumes of dust and dirt on a carpet. It was also important to clear the area before hand to avoid the robot from accidentally knocking into delicate items.

Our verdict: Due to the robots’ limitations it’s likely that you will need to finish the cleaning process manually. For a comparison with a general cleaning service, follow this link. However for an easy and convenient basic clean of an open area, we think it’s worth every penny!


Perhaps the most obvious limitation of the robot cleaner is that it’s only able to perform one task: vacuuming. So if you are looking to do a specific job such as leather cleaning, or have to clean your floor or carpet using detergents or special products, then you will still need to do this manually.


Using a robot cleaning can be a great starting point. It makes the cleaning process more fun and less of a chore.

But after our testing we think there’s still a way to go before robot cleaners can really replace professional regular cleaners. There’s something to be said about manual cleaning and attention to detail that currently cannot be provided by a robot cleaner. If you’re a fan of gadgets and like the concept then we think the robot cleaner is definitely for you. However if you are looking for a cleaning solution that does the job in one go producing a spotless result then our recommendation is to hire professional cleaners around twice a year.



Choosing the Right Professional Cleaning Company

September 18, 2017

Giving your home a regular clean is important. It keeps your living environment healthy and there’s nothing like that feeling of walking into a freshly cleaned home!

Professional cleaning is especially important if you’re preparing for a house move, you’re undergoing renovation work or you’ve recently moved into a new home. In these situations the chances are that you have already been dealing with multiple contractors, from removal companies and laborers to carpenters and electricians. Adding hiring professional regular cleaners to the mix can feel like another complication, especially if you believe you need different cleaning companies to target specialist areas such as appliances, carpets and upholstery. See here.

Fortunately there are professional regular cleaners who provide a comprehensive service encompassing even the more challenging cleaning tasks you need. Here are three huge benefits of using one professional cleaning company:

Cost Effectiveness and Time Savings

You cut down on your costs by using one service provider. You will only have to cover additional costs such as administrative fees once, as well as keep control over the number of cleaners at your property and the total number of hours spent on cleaning. You should also save time. Using one company means that they can send multiple cleaners to your property within a certain window, allowing them to work together to produce an immaculate result.

Quality Control

Each business operation has its own quality control system, which varies from one to the other. Using one professional cleaning company gives you more control over the standard of cleaning that you expect. Remember – most professional cleaners should offer a guarantee to return for a second clean if you are dissatisfied with the first attempt.

Easy Communication

It’s much easier dealing with one company than several! Using the same company to provide all your cleaners means that you have a centralized point of contact where you can get in touch in case of any issues. It will also make communicating with your cleaners easier as they will have a system of how they work together.

Discover more at Mop It Like Its Hot.

Spring Clean Your Life

February 7, 2016

The tradition of spring cleaning is as old as time, and it can be a cathartic release for many people. Undertaking an annual spring clean can be done in your home or at the office, but the feeling of giving your whole life an overhaul to last you the year is one that cannot be matched. If you’re planning a spring clean, then why not consult the professionals. Here at Mop It Like It’s Hot, we know the ins and outs of cleaning your homes and offices, so our tips are not to be taken lightly!

In the Home

  • Start in your most used rooms and work your way around the house. Prioritise the living room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms, then make your way through your home
  • Start at the top of the room and work your way down. Dust all those hard to reach places, shelves and all your books and DVDs. Clean inside cupboards and throw out the things you don’t need along the way
  • Wipe down and clean any tough marks or stains on walls and the ceiling with a clean cloth and water
  • Beat your cushions and hoover your sofa. Vacuum your rugs and under furniture
  • Ensure your tiles and grouting are in good condition, repair and replace as necessary
  • Flip your mattresses to ensure they get even worn over time
  • Polish any metal door handles and switches
  • Clean your windows inside and out to see your home in a new light

In the Office

  • Whether you work in finance or at a community centre, the basic principles are the same. De-clutter your desks. Recycle any unnecessary papers, file the important ones and get all filing up to date! Devise an easy to follow system if you don’t yet have one and embrace tidy!
  • Keep only what you need on your desk. Everything else should be out of sight or taken home
  • Keep your project work together neatly in a logical and methodical manner to ensure you remain in control
  • Clear out your messy drawer at least once every six to eight weeks. Schedule time to do it if necessary, just ensure it gets done so that it does not spiral and take you hours next year
  • Clear up your PC desktop as well as your physical desktop and you’ll easily find the files you are looking for
  • Keep your desk clean and sanitised. Don’t eat food at your desk where possible, and keep anti-bacterial gel to hand

If you’ve got the basics covered, but feel like your home or office could do with a more intensive, deep clean then why not employ Mop It Like It’s Hot general or office cleaning services. Our experienced staff will have your life spaces spick and span before you know it.

Cleaning Resolutions for the Home

January 15, 2016

Another year gone but not forgotten, you’ve welcomed in 2016 in style and now it’s time to reflect on the last twelve months and see where you can improve. When it comes to making sure you live the life you want, it pays to make resolutions that benefit all areas of your life – whether for social, work or home life. We all make resolutions to go to the gym more, to eat less chocolate and to work towards that promotion but with that much stress in your life, why add more? Make a few cleaning resolutions for your home to transform your relationship with your home.

Annual De-Clutter

There is a general consensus that we all hoard things that we think might come in handy in the future, whether it’s magazines, carrier bags, or clothes and shoes that we won’t ever wear again. As a general rule, when trying to declutter, discard anything that you have not used within the last six months, or a year for seasonal items. If it doesn’t get used, it goes. Clean and bag up all your clutter and drop off at a local charity – it feels good to give!

Get Organised

Keeping on top of household chores can be a full time job in itself, but very few people have time for that, especially with work and kids factored in. Making a cleaning schedule for your home is the best way to ensure that cleaning tasks are kept on top of. There will be jobs that need doing daily – like the dishes, and weekly – like mopping the floor. Other jobs, like defrosting the freezer and steaming the curtains need doing much less regularly, but still need doing. Mark on your calendar to do them in a few months’ time and you’ll feel on top of the world at your clean and sparkling house, all year round.

Stock Up

Stay stocked up on the essential cleaning items to ensure that you never have to put off the next cleaning task. Organise your cleaning supplies and add a few items to your shopping to stay on top of things.

Floor cleaner, bleach, glass cleaner, mops and/or mop heads, cloths and sponges, and air freshener are all staple cleaning products for your home!

No time?

If you have tried the above and still don’t have time to keep on top of your messy family, then maybe it’s time to consider calling in the experts. Hiring the professionals at Mop It Like It’s Hot for your home cleaning needs doesn’t need to be reserved for businesses or stately homes, we also provide a general cleaning service for homes just like yours.

Please contact us for more information, and you could soon have a house to be proud of, without sacrificing precious time with your family. Show off you home and be prepared to have guests over at the drop of a hat, life as you know it will never be the same again.


Keep Your Wooden Floor Sparkling

November 10, 2015

Flooring material is available in different forms. However, hardwood ranks among the more popular choices for most home owners. It is suitable to most home designs and can be used in the modern or traditional settings to give your home the right appeal. Keep in mind that if your home has wooden flooring, it is essential to hire a professional cleaning service occasionally to keep your hardwood floors sparkling throughout. This is because poor maintenance results in increased wear and tear. Consequently, your hardwood floors will end up damaged and with a shortened lifespan.

Here are some ideas on how to maintain your wooden floor. They will help you keep an eye on the professional cleaning services next time they come to your home to work.

Moving furniture around can result in scratches to the floor. This can be mitigated by utilizing floor protectors. In order to enable the floor to age evenly, it is recommended that you move the furniture around the room every now and then. Constant exposure to sunlight causes the wood to fade. Not doing so will result in different shades of the same color on the floor.

Substances like sand, grit and dirt tend to damage wooden floors. It is advisable to place floor mats at entrances and exits in the house. Mats that have vinyl on the lower side are preferable because they do not discolour the wood. Rubber and foam, for example, are known to do the opposite. It is especially important to protect your floor if you have pets that use a litter tray. Pet litter is much like grit and dirt, so utilising mats on your floor is beneficial, as well as keeping your litter tray covered up.

Ice is a good cleaner for situations where chewing gum or candle wax have gotten stuck on the floor. Application of the ice enables you to scrape off these solid substances where the usual cleaning methods have failed. You can then use a blunt knife or scraper to remove the candle wax or chewing gum. Do not buff hardwood because it can lead to irreparable damage.

Wet mopping is not suitable for wooden floors. Water and detergents can cause wood to de-laminate, swell or warp. The best way to clean the wood with a liquid is by using a sprayer. A micro fibre pad will come in handy, especially one that is used for liquid cleaners.

Water is the only known liquid that cleans wood properly. Using water with a combination of other chemicals or with standalone chemicals leads to the damage of wood.
You should have a routine of vacuuming, dusting and cleaning your wooden floor. Wooden finishes get affected by cumulative dust and other fragments through scratching. You will also end up with a dull wooden finish.

In the event of a food or liquid spill, you should wipe the spot on the floor right away. Do not use an abrasive material to do so because it will lead to damage of the wooden floor surface. A soft cloth gets the job done properly.

Maintaining a wooden floor requires a special approach because wood is sensitive and can be damaged easily when the right approach is not used. Follow the aforementioned tips to clean your wooden floor and everything will be fine with a little help from!

Clean Your Walls Right

November 10, 2015

Before you clean your wall, you should know the type of surface that you are dealing with. There two main types of paints, namely, water-based and oil paints and each require a variation in cleaning. Wall paper is also different as you need to be careful in case you destroy it altogether. The other alternative is to use a professional cleaning service when it proves too much for you. You will find that there are a few basic steps to be followed including dusting and spot-cleaning followed by a simple rinse and dry procedure.

Start by dusting the wall because it enables you to get rid of dust and any loose dirt which can become smudgy if exposed to moisture. The options you have include the use of a soft brush that is mounted to a vacuum cleaner. Apply light pressure when vacuuming. Otherwise a broom rapped under a rag will do the job if its bristles are too strong. A dry sponge will come in handy where there is dried dirt.

Cleaning Wallpaper

In most cases, the best option for cleaning wall paper is by using professional cleaning services. If you prefer the DIY approach, you should start by dusting and then cleaning any stains.
One way of cleaning wallpaper involves the use of paste derived from a mixture of talcum or corn flour with water. Daub it on the stain. Once it dries up, you can brush it off. If the marks or stains prove difficult to remove, the option to use toothpaste or a mix of water and baking soda is also there.
Children love to play with crayons and they may leave marks on the wallpaper. You can remove the marks by using a plastic scoop, knife or spoon followed by rubbing with an eraser.

Spot Cleaning Your Wall

Prior to washing your wall, it is recommended you should work on the marks and stains. Firstly, it is essential to test clean a small area that is unnoticeable. This is necessary where there is wall paper or water-based paint on the wall. You can use lavender oil mixed with warm water at a ratio of 19:1. In addition water and baking soda mixed into a paste can also be used to remove wall stains. On application, all you need to do is to wipe dry with a clean cloth. Grease stains can also be removed using soapy water. However, the amount of soap used should be very little to avoid leaving the wall surface sticky and susceptible to grime. The technique required in washing walls involves starting at the base and working upwards to minimize streaking.

Cleaning Varnished Wooden Walls

Use a duster to remove the loose surface of dust along with mildly soapy water. Wipe to dry with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Cork-tiled Walls

Cork-tiled walls are relatively easy to clean. Use lukewarm water and a soft cloth then leave to dry. For stains, use a mix of water at the ratio of 10:1 water and methylated spirit along with a soft cloth to wipe.

Recognising High Standards

November 2, 2015

It has been said that cleaning your house from top to bottom can be interchanged with a session in the gym; so it goes without saying that cleaning is hard work, at the best of times. For a business like Mop it like it’s Hot, we raise the cleaning bar to the next level.

Our entire workforce consistently pulls out all the stops to ensure that the work they do, they do it to the highest of standards, every time. Going the extra mile to ensure that every job is completed to your satisfaction is the name of our game.

Delivering exceptionally high standards all day, every day, is hard work that we think deserves recognition and reward. Hard work and dedication should be rewarded, no matter what the vocation, but we feel like it is even more apt in an industry that many shy away from.

The same can be said for many other industries, however. Rewards and awards for employees are important in any work environment. They boost morale, show the workforce that management care about the work that is tirelessly carried out in their name, and gives workers a feeling of achievement while letting them know that they are valued.

In addition to this, awards create a sense of pride, which helps to maintain the high standards that management strive for in any business. Staff that feel appreciated are more likely to stay with a company, and in many industries like cleaning, a high turnover of personnel can be costly and time-consuming.

Reward structures within a business can create friendly competition amongst staff, which in turn will ensure that your workforce is maintaining high productivity levels.

If you want to congratulate your team, then you might want to organise an end of year award ceremony to celebrate and reward them on all their hard work.

If you need a cleaning service that is dedicated to the cause, committed to a job well done and consistently delivering high standards; then Mop it Like it’s Hot might be just what your business needs. Our team of cleaners are ready and waiting to get your office in ship shape condition, so why hesitate? Contact us today and see how we can help you focus on what matters.

Clean Your Roof Like A Professional

October 28, 2015

Buying a new home is one of the biggest achievements for most of us. Truly, it is a time to celebrate. Everything is new and does not require immediate attention in terms of maintenance or repair. However, over time, things start to change. You may be one of those people that do regular maintenance. Unfortunately, there are certain areas of the house that you may not notice right away. The roof tends to discolour and you may find it turning green or dark brown with time.

There are different reasons for this including pollen, dust and dirt. However, a lot of the discolouring you see is algae and lichen related. The impact it has on your home can be devastating. The aging process will be accelerated and the home will look much worse than it really is. You will probably have to replace roofing materials sooner than you expected to and this requires hiring the services of professional roof cleaners in order to prevent such damage.
Never rush into cleaning your roof. There are certain factors to be taken into consideration. Be sure to hire professional roof cleaners that will not void the warranty on your roof. Some may even damage the layers under the roof. The types of substances used to clean the roof can weaken the roof bonding material too and degrade the immediate environment surrounding your home. Consequently, you should do a little research so that the right approach can be identified to clean your roof and cut your costs. The lifespan of your roof will also be increased

Here are some of Mop It Like Its Hot‘s top tips for roof cleaning services that can be used to maintain your home:

Low-Pressure Cleaning

You derive the benefits of chemical and low-pressure cleaning while maintaining the structure of the roof. Cleaners are sprayed by roof cleaning experts using chemicals approved by the relevant authorities followed by low-pressure rinsing with water. As a result, there is no damage to your home and the roof is left looking new. This is the most effective form of cleaning and you will not have to repeat the process frequently.

High Pressure Cleaning

In this scenario, a machine using high pressure is used along with customized wands and hose pipes. The water is pointed to the dirt dislodging it in the process. However, this approach may not suit your roof because there are particles in the shingles that come loose and get removed. The aging process of your roof is subsequently accelerated. Moreover, this type of cleaning is not preferred by manufacturers and it may lead to the voiding of the roofing warranty.

Non-Pressure or Chemical Cleaning

Non-Pressure or Chemical Cleaning involves the spraying of a chemical like lye, sodium hydroxide or chemicals with similar properties directly on the roof in order to extract the algae or lichen that has accumulated on it. However, this can cause damage to the shingles even though it does not remove them. It weakens the adhesive used to bond the shingles together. Moreover, such chemicals are harmful to the flora and fauna growing around the house resulting in additional costs incurred in replacing the dead plants.

Home Cleaners That Save You Money

October 8, 2015

Some of the items that you store in your kitchen cabinet and pantry are amazingly good cleaners. Vinegar acts as a thorough cleaner and when you need to removed bathroom stains left by mildew and mold, you can use cream of tartar. These are but a few items that are available in your pantry or even fridge in addition to your kitchen cabinet. There a various items that you will not notice and here are just a few of them.


When your old home appliances or pots and pans start rusting, you can dip half a potato into salt and rub on the surface. You will be surprised at the way the rust is stopped.
Cream of Tartar
Cream of Tartar is good making things sparkle. These include coffee pots, porcelain, copper and stainless steel. It helps in removing marks from mugs and plates as well as bathtub stains related to mold and mildew. It is useful where stains have occurred.


Your copper ware will be all the better if you employ ketchup. It will remove any discolor from your copper items.
Table salt
Stuck-on food on kitchen items and counter tops can be removed through the use of table salt as a scrubber. Its course texture ensures that any solid grime is removed effectively.


Lemon citrus juice will is good for shining brass. It is an excellent stain remover on linen and cleans the grime off the surface of your microwave oven.

Olive Oil

If you get under the hood and pick up some grease, Olive oil will be the best solvent to get rid of the grease. The same applies to paint. Conversely, when your wooden furniture needs a polish, Olive oil will do the job.

Vanilla Extract

Instead of buying a deodorized, you can use the essence of Vanilla to keep your room or fridge smelling fresh. All you need to do is to pour a few ounces onto an open container and leave it there to waft through the air.


Flower lovers will be glad to know that rice serves a variety of purposes. One of them involves cleaning vases by mixing rice with dish detergent and warm water. The rice acts as a good scrubber and ensures that your vase is sparkling.

Baking Soda

If you are looking for a strong all-purpose cleaner, Baking Soda will come in handy. All you need to do is to mix it with some warm water and get right to work.


As much as you would like to drink it only, Vodka is good for shining porcelain and chrome surfaces. What’s more, it is also useful in deodorizing clothes.


You can use cornstarch to clean rugs and carpets as well as windows. It is also good for polishing your furniture.

Orange Drink or Powdered Lemon

Your dishwasher may experience some stains and rust because of being exposed to water and grease from dishes. The citric acid in the orange drink or powdered lemon will remove the rust and stains easily.