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Buying a new home is one of the biggest achievements for most of us. Truly, it is a time to celebrate. Everything is new and does not require immediate attention in terms of maintenance or repair. However, over time, things start to change. You may be one of those people that do regular maintenance. Unfortunately, there are certain areas of the house that you may not notice right away. The roof tends to discolour and you may find it turning green or dark brown with time.

There are different reasons for this including pollen, dust and dirt. However, a lot of the discolouring you see is algae and lichen related. The impact it has on your home can be devastating. The aging process will be accelerated and the home will look much worse than it really is. You will probably have to replace roofing materials sooner than you expected to and this requires hiring the services of professional roof cleaners in order to prevent such damage.
Never rush into cleaning your roof. There are certain factors to be taken into consideration. Be sure to hire professional roof cleaners that will not void the warranty on your roof. Some may even damage the layers under the roof. The types of substances used to clean the roof can weaken the roof bonding material too and degrade the immediate environment surrounding your home. Consequently, you should do a little research so that the right approach can be identified to clean your roof and cut your costs. The lifespan of your roof will also be increased

Here are some of Mop It Like Its Hot‘s top tips for roof cleaning services that can be used to maintain your home:

Low-Pressure Cleaning

You derive the benefits of chemical and low-pressure cleaning while maintaining the structure of the roof. Cleaners are sprayed by roof cleaning experts using chemicals approved by the relevant authorities followed by low-pressure rinsing with water. As a result, there is no damage to your home and the roof is left looking new. This is the most effective form of cleaning and you will not have to repeat the process frequently.

High Pressure Cleaning

In this scenario, a machine using high pressure is used along with customized wands and hose pipes. The water is pointed to the dirt dislodging it in the process. However, this approach may not suit your roof because there are particles in the shingles that come loose and get removed. The aging process of your roof is subsequently accelerated. Moreover, this type of cleaning is not preferred by manufacturers and it may lead to the voiding of the roofing warranty.

Non-Pressure or Chemical Cleaning

Non-Pressure or Chemical Cleaning involves the spraying of a chemical like lye, sodium hydroxide or chemicals with similar properties directly on the roof in order to extract the algae or lichen that has accumulated on it. However, this can cause damage to the shingles even though it does not remove them. It weakens the adhesive used to bond the shingles together. Moreover, such chemicals are harmful to the flora and fauna growing around the house resulting in additional costs incurred in replacing the dead plants.