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Thanks to the leaps and bounds in modern technology, any one of us can get our hands on a robot vacuum machine. This technology has become a great alternative for general cleaning. But are they really worth the additional cost? Mop It Like Its Hot did some detective work and here are the results.

The Convenience Test

When it comes to convenience, the premise of the robot cleaner ticks all the boxes. It runs on its own with minimal input from a human being! However during testing we picked up on some issues where there is room for improvement.

For one, robot vacuum cleaners average at approximately a foot in diameter. This means that vacuuming a room takes with a vacuum cleaning robot than a normal vacuum cleaner. Moreover they require frequent charging since the size of their batteries does not permit them to be used for long periods. The robot cleaner in our test struggled to cope with large volumes of dust and dirt on a carpet. It was also important to clear the area before hand to avoid the robot from accidentally knocking into delicate items.

Our verdict: Due to the robots’ limitations it’s likely that you will need to finish the cleaning process manually. For a comparison with a general cleaning service, follow this link. However for an easy and convenient basic clean of an open area, we think it’s worth every penny!


Perhaps the most obvious limitation of the robot cleaner is that it’s only able to perform one task: vacuuming. So if you are looking to do a specific job such as leather cleaning, or have to clean your floor or carpet using detergents or special products, then you will still need to do this manually.


Using a robot cleaning can be a great starting point. It makes the cleaning process more fun and less of a chore.

But after our testing we think there’s still a way to go before robot cleaners can really replace professional regular cleaners. There’s something to be said about manual cleaning and attention to detail that currently cannot be provided by a robot cleaner. If you’re a fan of gadgets and like the concept then we think the robot cleaner is definitely for you. However if you are looking for a cleaning solution that does the job in one go producing a spotless result then our recommendation is to hire professional cleaners around twice a year.