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Your health is influenced by the type of environment that you live in; more so your home. You eat, sleep and pass time in it more often than not. What’s more, the furniture and fittings including any other item or product determine the contents that you will have in your house on a more or less permanent basis. These will determine the air that you breathe and what you ingest at any given time.

Consequently, they will have a major impact on your health and how you live. As such, it is important to exercise precaution on what you bring into the home lest it harms your well being.There are various measures you can put in place to ensure that you are leading a healthy and productive life. Here are a few worthy of mention.

• Where you find fleas, use lathered water and a comb. Pets are prone to picking up fleas and you can get some flea-killing product at the animal care shop in your neighborhood. Remember that these products are pesticides that your family should not be exposed to. Pet flea collars and tags are a great way of keeping pests away from your pet.
• You may have leaks and spills occasionally. You can use water and detergent to prevent the development of the same. This will ensure that you eliminate mold in the home.
• Powered lawn mowers emit pollutants into the environment. Conversely, lawn products contain strong chemicals. You can avoid health hazards in yard work by raking leaves and pulling weeds instead.
• When you need to remove grime and kill germs, use chemicals that are readily available in the home. They are generally non-toxic and ensure that the cleaning job is thoroughly done. These include hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.
• The simplest cleaning methods are usually the best. Avoid using harsh chemicals or hand sanitizers by working with plain old water and soap. It will ensure that germs of all kinds including bacteria and viruses are eliminated.
• You floor is a major target for chemicals, dirt, allergens and dust. Regular sweeping and vacuum cleaning reduces the risk of exposure to such harmful elements in the home environment.
• In order to remain safe against exposure to radiation; place your furniture in areas of the rooms that are not right next to places having high electromagnetic activity. This includes power boxes especially when you spend hours on them.
• Monitor you water source and supply network including the piping in your home. It is your right to know what contaminants there may be in your bath and drinking water at least once a year.
• Occasionally, it is recommended that you place your furniture items and products in the sun to kill various bugs and mites that may have found their way into your upholstery and bedding. It will reduce the incidence of allergies.
• Let in fresh air through the doors and windows. This allows all polluted air indoors to escape. It will help you get rid of allergens and chemicals that are lingering in the air within the home environment.