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Here at Mop It Like it’s Hot, we know that if you share your office kitchen with even a handful of colleagues, you will know how important and sometimes how difficult it can be to keep everything clean and complaint-free.

Of course, enlisting the services of specialist office cleaners like us can go a long way towards ensuring a clean and tidy kitchen that is kept both hygienic and in good condition.

In addition to these weekly, fortnightly, and even monthly deep cleans though, you also need to make a collective effort when it comes to keeping the heart of the office well-stocked, presentable and running smoothly.

That’s why we have put together the below guide to office kitchen etiquette, with all the essential tips, tricks and rules to follow.

If you empty it…fill it

Not a difficult one to grasp; if you finish the last bit of coffee in the canister, refill the canister, and if you empty the bin (well done for not just squashing it all in the bag!), make sure you put a new bag in.

If you dirty it…clean it

Another straightforward instruction, and one that will do you well to remember. In the name of hygiene and happiness, if you dirty something – a plate, a spoon, the worktop or the inside of the microwave – clean it up. Your colleagues, your kitchen and your office cleaners will thank you in the long run.

If you open it…close it

If you open the window to de-fume the room after a rogue piece of toast, close the window afterwards (especially when it’s cold outside). If you take the lid off the milk or open the fridge door, put the lid back on and close the door back up. Not only is leaving everything half open unhelpful, it’s also rude.

If you spill it…wipe it up

Similar to the if-you-dirty-it rule, if you spill something, wipe it up. This might apply to the soggy trail of biscuit crumbs and spilt tea you’ve left behind or the water you’ve sloshed on the floor when washing up. Either way, wipe it up in the interests of cleanliness and health and safety (spillages mean slips).

If you get it out…put it away

When sharing a kitchen with twenty of your closest pals, keeping everything neat and tidy is of paramount importance. Everything should be assigned a place, whether that place is a cupboard, a drawer, a shelf or a spot on the countertop. Similarly, everyone should make sure that everything starts and ends the day in its assigned space. If you use something, put it back where you found it.

If you cook it…share it

This one is a very helpful one to remember. If you cook something (other than your lunch), share it. If you’ve brought in a batch of freshly baked cookies, offer them to the group. Some might accept, others will decline, but nobody will forgive you if you let the cookies go stale in your desk drawer because you couldn’t eat them, and you didn’t share. Side note: if you go to have a goodie cooked by someone else, limit yourself to one, which is polite and plentiful.

[For more entertaining insights into office kitchen etiquette and rules, click here]Our team will put in the elbow grease, but you and your colleagues can all help by following the rules and office kitchen etiquette guide above.

Keep the peace: keep it clean.