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The tradition of spring cleaning is as old as time, and it can be a cathartic release for many people. Undertaking an annual spring clean can be done in your home or at the office, but the feeling of giving your whole life an overhaul to last you the year is one that cannot be matched. If you’re planning a spring clean, then why not consult the professionals. Here at Mop It Like It’s Hot, we know the ins and outs of cleaning your homes and offices, so our tips are not to be taken lightly!

In the Home

  • Start in your most used rooms and work your way around the house. Prioritise the living room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms, then make your way through your home
  • Start at the top of the room and work your way down. Dust all those hard to reach places, shelves and all your books and DVDs. Clean inside cupboards and throw out the things you don’t need along the way
  • Wipe down and clean any tough marks or stains on walls and the ceiling with a clean cloth and water
  • Beat your cushions and hoover your sofa. Vacuum your rugs and under furniture
  • Ensure your tiles and grouting are in good condition, repair and replace as necessary
  • Flip your mattresses to ensure they get even worn over time
  • Polish any metal door handles and switches
  • Clean your windows inside and out to see your home in a new light

In the Office

  • Whether you work in finance or at a community centre, the basic principles are the same. De-clutter your desks. Recycle any unnecessary papers, file the important ones and get all filing up to date! Devise an easy to follow system if you don’t yet have one and embrace tidy!
  • Keep only what you need on your desk. Everything else should be out of sight or taken home
  • Keep your project work together neatly in a logical and methodical manner to ensure you remain in control
  • Clear out your messy drawer at least once every six to eight weeks. Schedule time to do it if necessary, just ensure it gets done so that it does not spiral and take you hours next year
  • Clear up your PC desktop as well as your physical desktop and you’ll easily find the files you are looking for
  • Keep your desk clean and sanitised. Don’t eat food at your desk where possible, and keep anti-bacterial gel to hand

If you’ve got the basics covered, but feel like your home or office could do with a more intensive, deep clean then why not employ Mop It Like It’s Hot general or office cleaning services. Our experienced staff will have your life spaces spick and span before you know it.